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Sonny Rollins Interview: Giving Up Playing

I came across an interview in The Vulture magazine, published yesterday, where saxophone giant Sonny Rollins

Stacey Kent – I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions

It was just a matter of time before this was about to take shape: Stacey Kent

Artist To Watch Out For in 2018: Kathy Kosins

I have good news from Detroit-based singer Kathy Kosins today. Her new album “Uncovered Soul”, a

Cape Town Jazz Festival Announces First Artists

The 19th Cape Town International Jazz Festival, produced by espafrika, will be held on March 23rd

The James L’Estraunge Orchestra – Eventual Reality

The beauty of this music is its sweet melancholy and gloomy atmosphere that is able to

Jon Hendricks: 09/16/21-11/22/17

Singer Sheila Jordan posted a comment on Facebook after the death of the legendary Jon Hendricks,

Herbie Hancock Out There In Berlin

Those were his words describing his band and what was going on on stage. “insane, out

‘Tis The Season For Turkey And Tinsel

It’s Thanksgiving week and we were supposed to be in New York right now. But Airberlin

Run N’ Fly With A Remarkable Debut

Run N’ Fly is a new music collective under the direction of guitarist Sandro Albert. Helping

Laila Biali Showcasing In Kreuzberg

It was an interesting coincidence to open her act with “Got To Love”, a song about