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We Jazz At Scope Festival

The Scandinavia-oriented Scope Festival will start its second year tomorrow here in Berlin. From October 18th

Moonchild in Berlin

Ever since their debut “Be Free” album in 2012 and the title track from that particular

Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic Starts Into Sixth Season

On Wednesday, Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic, the extremely popular concert series at Berlin’s prestigious venue, already

Scope Festival Volume 2

The second Scope Festival will take place again in various locations throughout Berlin-Kreuzberg October 18th to

Frank McComb At Loci Loft

His love for the music of Stevie Wonder was on display last night at Loci Loft

Frank McComb Is Back In Berlin

With “Soulmate: Another Love Story”, singer, producer, composer, keyboarder Frank McComb has released another masterpiece, full

Kathy Kosins Presenting Her New Album in L.A.

I’ve been following Kathy’s career since the late 90s and already had the pleasure of hearing

Eurovision Song Contest: Malicious Joy and Torture

The fascinating aspect of the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the world’s biggest music events, is

11th Jazzdor Festival in Berlin

This year’s French/German Jazz Festival Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin will take place at Berlin’s Kesselhaus from May 30th

International Jazz Day April 30th

This year’s Host City for the International Jazz Day is Havana, Cuba. This annual special event,