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Live-Streaming Events with Chick Corea, Joe Lovano, Becca Stevens, Christian McBride, and More

It has become both pretty popular and very needed: Live-streaming events of artists performing in their

Alex Attias – Presents LillyGood Party!, Vol. 2

The best record to dance to and do your work out while staying at home is

What About Our Cherished Festivals?

Dire times indeed. Jazzahead in Bremen, due April 23rd to 26th, has been postponed to April

Kandace Springs – The Women Who Raised Me

Vocalist and pianist Kandace Springs has recorded twelve songs of her idols for her third project

Detroit Jazz Festival Announces Line-Up

So many concerts, shows, and festivals have been cancelled or at least postponed these days (that’s

Manu Dibango R.I.P.

Manu Dibango, saxophonist from Cameroon, best known for his 1972 worldwide hit “Soul Makossa”, has died

Oded Tzur – Here Be Dragons

Israeli tenor saxophonist and composer Oded Tzur has released his first album on the prestigious ECM

Joey Alexander – Warna

When I went to Bremen for the annual Jazzahead convention in 2015, there was this big

Concerts and Clubs and Corona

As nobody knows where exactly the current corona crisis will lead us and since official warnings

Luxury Soul 2020

Luxury Soul 2020, your reliable source for the best indie soul, has finally arrived and the