Kathy and Paul are DetroitCentriX

We know that Detroit is not only the city with the best record shops, but its artists and music has been and always is something special. Now, Detroit based singer and songwriter Kathy Kosins and singer, songwriter, bassist, and producer Paul Randolph have formed DetroitCentriX. First single from DetroitCentriX® is called “What We Want”. Paul Randolph comments: “As
songwriters we recognize our responsibility to be social commentators, to offer hope and
perspective. The construction of my productions typically begins with drums (the pulse). For
“What We Want”, I chose a rhythm reminiscent of a freight train on the move,
accompanied by a Bernie Worrell/P-Funk-esk synth bass line and Nile Rodgers style guitar in
the choruses. I have always had an affinity for the lush, roomy The Fifth Dimension vocal
productions of the 1970s. The aim was not to be nostalgic, only to use influences as a
backdrop to create a modern, social protest song. “Everybody’s searching for something,
searching for a place to be…” Paul Randolph (DetroitCentriX®).
Make sure to check this one out on all relevant platforms.

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