Meet Lau Ro

From Sao Paulo to Brighton, the non-binary singer Lau Ro will release his debut LP “Cabana” on May 31st on Far Out Recordings. Mixing British folk, rock, and jazz with 60s and 70s Brazilian music, Lau Ro has come up with an exceptionally personal and imaginative record. First single “Onde Eu Vou” is out right now and it is a pretty haunting affair, with distorted vocals backing a very dreamy and fuzzy sound that is totally unique and psychedelic. We love it! Please check out Lau Ro and expect a full review of his album on these pages next month.

Lau Ro "Cabana"

Except vocals and arrangements and compositions, Lau Ro is also playing guitars, drums, percussion, piano, keys, bass and flute. He is accompanied by Jamie Broughton on trumpet and trombone, Isobel Jones on flute, and George Lloyd-Owen on cello. “It’s music that might sound as if it came out of a parallel universe Brazil, rather than its modern day landscape. I am nowadays rediscovering Brazil, going back as often as I can and trying to stay connected to these different parts of the world and myself.” A vinyl version will be available too.

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