Gina Is Ordering Her Food (Almost)

Gina @KollwitzmarktGina knows exactly where she gets her treats in the neighborhood. On a recent walk through Prenzlauer Berg, we stopped at our favorite cheese dealer. Gina ordered a piece of 16-month old Chällerhocker from Switzerland, but of course graciously handed it over to me because she knew that she’s not allowed to eat cheese.

We’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music in the past two weeks or so and will be back with reviews of the new Brian Blade album which finally arrived and some great new releases for the first quarter of the new year, the new Indra Rios-Moore among them (“Carry My Heart”, to be released on March 23rd). And “Uncovered Soul” from Detroit angel Kathy Kosins will finally see the light of day on February 9th. We also can’t wait for the 2018 edition of the Soul Togetherness series which will be among us anytime now.

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