Inkswel – Unity 4 Utopia

Inkswel "Unity 4 Utopia"Australian producer Inkswel has come up with an eclectic new solo effort which has a lot of those cherished 80s production sounds to it. 80s soul, hip hop, r&b, house, and even disco all find a home here on this very entertaining set. Except maybe for the hip-hoppy rap “Smarter”, which features Tableek and Misumami, this is the sound of spring which is about to start on this side of the earth.

The funky, spaced-out title track features Mark de Clive-Lowe and singer Misumami. Vintage keyboard sounds and a slight house groove back this cute opener. There is a special Paul Laurence/Kashif synth at the beginning of “Outer Space Connection” featuring Steve Spacek and Harvey Sutherland. The repetitive, hypnotic vocals underline the percussive attitude of the song. A welcome return to the front is the still mesmerizing voice of Colonel Red on “Together”. The soulful track is the perfect vehicle for the veteran (if I may say so) singer. And once again, the combination of cool 80s synth and percussion with today’s house sound is thrilling.

Some of the tracks here are simply too short, like the sexy “Candy Yam” which cries out for a lengthier version or even a remix. But we’re rewarded with an extremely swell and shuffling “Some Space” featuring Danielle Moore and Lay-Far. And there is an undeniably attractive Euro-disco sound with demanding vocals by Saucy Lady on “She Likes”. And the remaining three tracks are more uplifting, fun, and truly imaginative pieces: the beatific “Voyage” featuring Kid Sublime, the ethereal “Soul Profit” featuring Dave Aju (some New Wave from the 80s chimes in on this one), and the exalted vocals of the unsurpassed “Rockin’ Music” featuring Aesilli & Recloose.

Select upcoming gigs:

3/25 Berlin – Zur Wilden Renate

4/29 Berlin – Prince Charles with DJ Spinna

6/04 Brooklyn – Black Flamingo




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