Nate08 – Furaha

Mumbai-based bassist, producer, and DJ Nate08 (Nathan Thomas) just released his debut album “Furaha” on London-based Needwant Records. The music has been our weekend companion for the past couple of weeks, beginning with warm keys and George Benson-styled guitar on the otherwise pretty Louie Vega-sounding title track. The percussive Latin jam is the perfect opener for this very eclectic and kaleidoscopic set. I really like the neo-soul, sort of trip hoppy “Trigger Fool” which features the caramel vocals of Azamaan Hoyvoy; a thumping groove guarantees more listens on this.

Nate08 "Furaha"

Most of the tracks are much too short I think. I would have loved for “Bunker” to go on a few minutes longer. Its warm key pads and the thick bass form the basis for this beat-heavy ditty. Equally short, with under three minutes, is another funky track: on “Hold On”, the synth waves shine and underscore the dance beats. It ends too soon. Jitwam has always been a favorite of Gina’s. Just listen to his latest album “Third” which came out earlier this year on the Roya label. He guests here on “Sunrise Sunfall”, taking control over 80s-induced keys, gritty handclaps, and an overall mystical mood with its subtle house beats. And then there is the Latin guitar again on “Untitled”, another mesmerizing, percussive tune.

We also get more deep house sounds on “Want You”, which features singer Megan Murray. We dig the early 80s-styled keys again here. House meets r’n’b on “Feel It” featuring singer Lojal, a track which gains power after a few listens due to its hypnotic vocals towards the end. The album really cries out for a remix version: the broken beat-heavy “Cold Muse” is way too short again. It’s another intoxicating jam with wonderful, warm chords and with “Primrose”, the album closer featuring the vocals of Naisha, the album ends on another soulful, percussive, and seducing house note.

The album has just been released on vinyl, too!


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