Record & CD Fair Rotterdam

If you’re a vinyl buff too and love your crate digging among hundreds more aficionados, then head to Rotterdam on March 4th for the next Record & CD Fair. The people at recordplanet always guarantee lots of stalls and lots of fun around them too. The last one I attended back in November in Den Bosch was amazing.

What you get are new and old releases, pop music, disco hits from the 70s, early house hits from the 80s and hip-hop classics from the 90s. Soul, jazz, dance, R&B and reggae are also available on vinyl and CD. In short, all musical genres can be found: from rock & roll to punk, from heavy metal to country and from nederbeat to cabaret. The record fair will be staged at Ahoy, March 4th, 10am-5pm.

Record Fair Rotterdam

And of course, the city of Rotterdam is always worth a trip. Get your tickets at
Maybe you can stay a few days longer to see José James on March 6th (Annabel) and Angie Stone on MArch 8th (de Doelen).

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