Turbojazz feat. Rona Ray – Like You

Last year, Italian DJ and recording artist Tommaso Garofalo, better known as Turbojazz, released the brilliant album “Whateverism” on the Japanese dance music label Eureka!, also home of Crackazat, Atjazz, and Kaidi Tatham. The vinyl version was released in Italy on Last Forever Records. On this highly entertaining and versatile album, he played around with a lot of rhythms and styles. Just give a listen to the jazzed up “The Standard” or the neo soul of “You Are Worth It” or the house burners “Constellated Ceiling” and “In Love Again”. Turbojazz has now teamed up with singer and songwriter Rona Ray, one of the most sought-after singers in house right now, for the magical “Like You”. The warm synth pads and the soulful groove, combined with Rona’s exhilarating and imaginative vocals, make this the perfect house anthem, both pretty minimalistic and exuberant at the same time. The repetitive synth parts perfectly and effectively work out extremely well.

As for the remix, Uk house producer Sean McCabe, who has worked on “Whateverism”, is back on track, coming up with a much deeper bass-induced version with some sexy keys parts thrown in. It has an even more inspiring and mood-elevating ambiance. We just can’t get enough of both versions and need to play this regularly at the start of the day. Hope the neighbors don’t mind. Release date is February 15th. We have secured a snippet of the piece below. Make room!


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