A Walk In Central Park

Gina @ RainersThis has finally been a day without any live music can you imagine? After a couple of meetings and a nice chat over coffee with singer Kenia, I met my friend Becca for a long walk through Central Park. It was still pretty cold, but with the sun out we could easily walk from around 72nd Street all the way up to 110th. They were even trying to build a little ski resort there. Why they would do that, I have no idea. I can really live without the white powder and the good thing is that there is almost no snow on the ground. A snowstorm is expected for Saturday though, but you know how forecasts are…

If you were wondering who is taking care of Gina while I’m away, let me assure you that she is treated well by our dogsitter Rainer who has sent me this pic yesterday. After I saw this, I immediately had to go to a pet store and buy some toys.

I was also invited to a splendid dinner with dear friends and so today, I am going to meet Stacey Kent who is at Birdland this week. We are going to talk about her new album “Tenderly”. And since I’m staying in Williamsburg, I am going to check out the Rough Trade Vinyl Store on North 7th Street in Brooklyn in a minute. More music reports to follow tomorrow.

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