55 Bar Needs Us

Ever since my regular trips to New York City, which started in the mid 90s, almost all visits included walking down to Christopher Street in the West Village and taking the steps down at number 55. The tiny little music bar immediately gave you the feeling of being on stage with the musicians and you could always get in contact or get in touch quite easily. The small bar now needs our help. According to a press release, “this iconic venue is in danger of closing. With live music decimated by the pandemic, 55 Bar is swamped with expenses from the 14 months it remained shuttered by government mandate. As word trickled out, the legions of musicians who can’t bear the thought of NYC without the club have organized an all-star series of shows beginning September 22nd and running through October 2nd 2021. Performances will take place at 9:30 PM nightly, and will also be live streamed on YouTube.”

55 Bar

“All fans of live music and of the 55 Bar are invited to attend. The proceeds from these shows will give a big boost to the club and provide some all-important maneuvering room while they work things out.
55 Bar is savable. The numbers are perhaps too big for the 55 Bar to handle alone, but completely achievable through a wider effort. To that end, the club will be launching a fundraiser in the coming weeks.”

Here is the schedule:

September 22nd: Nir Felder
September 23rd: Chris Potter
September 24th: Hipster Assassins
September 25th: Tangiers Blues Band
September 26th: Dan Weiss & Ari Hoenig
September 27th: Mike Stern
September 28th: David Binney
September 29th: Adam Rogers DICE, with Fima Ephron & Nate Smith
September 30th: Rudder, with Keith Carlock, Henry Hey, Chris Cheek, Tim Lefebvre
October 1st: Antonio Sanchez, Miguel Zenón, Donny McCaslin, Scott Colley
October 2nd: Oz Noy.


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