Adeline – Whisper My Name

French-Caribbean singer Adeline whose EP “Intérimes” and its subsequent remix album (“Intérimixed”) were among last year’s highlights, has come up with a new song: the warmth of her voice on the beautiful midtempo love poem “Whisper My Name” reminds me of one of my alltime favorite singers in Soul and R&B: the deeply missed Teena Marie is all over the tune, including that unmistakable vibrato on the higher notes. Just listen to Adeline sing the word “name” and you’ll get the drift. She also has some of her chops and diction. It’s just amazing. Kindred spirits indeed. Mind you, this is not a cheap Teena impersonation; Adeline is clearly an artist with her own unique style as witnessed on her previous efforts.

Adeline "Whisper My Name"

One listen to the song and you’ll want to get back to it over and over again. And thank you for the Teena moment on this wonderful piece. The song features Morgan Wiley on keys (he also co-produced), Adeline on rhythm guitar and bass, Jaleel Bunton on lead guitar, and Caito Sanchez on drums.


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