Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 Poster

Let’s hope that we will have an exciting festival season next year. More than anything else, going out to a club or spending time on a festival to see some live music are the things we miss the most. In a press statement of the unveiling of next year’s festival poster, the Montreux Jazz Festival organizers want “to convey a message of hope, but remain mindful of the situation and will closely monitor developments over the coming months.”

Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 Poster

Montreux Jazz Festival 2021, the 55th edition, will take place July 2nd to 17th. The French artist and illustrator Marylou Faure was one of the finalists in a new competition which was launched last June. Her poster then depicted a woman whose curves melted with the Alpine skyline and she also outlined a double bass. Those elements are now back in her new work with the woman now totally at ease with herself and her surroundings, encompassing the strings of a double bass and the angle of a grand piano. “I wanted to capture the unique feeling of lightness and reverie that music provokes”. And that’s exactly what we need for the new year: lightness and reverie.

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