Jarrod Lawson Livestream Concert

He has just released our album of the year with “Be The Change“. And this upcoming Monday, Jarrod Lawson will perform a solo set at Classic Pianos in Portland, Oregon, where he worked as a piano tuner before he released his first album and went on his musical journey. He will perform songs from his new album of course, but also some select cover tunes and if you’ve ever seen him perform live (I was lucky enough to have witnessed his genius in concerts in Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, and New York so far), you’re in for a real treat – even if he’s not performing with his regular band. But then again, that’s probably even more exciting.

Jarrod Lawson Livestream

The concert starts on Moday, December 14th, at 11pm CET. That’s 5pm EST and 2pm PST. You can watch the show on the YouTube channel of his label Dome Records.

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