ECHO Jazz in Hamburg on Thursday – Latest News

Branford Marsalis, Karsten Jahnke, Johanna Borchert in Hamburg today.

I’m travelling to Hamburg tomorrow for this year’s ECHO Jazz Award celebrations. Today, awardees Branford Marsalis and Johanna Borchert together with jury member Karsten Jahnke, announced those artists who will give the laudations during the ceremony tomorrow. Among them are Klaus Doldinger, Pepe Lienhard, who served as musical director for Udo Jürgens for many years, actress Anna Maria Sturm, Nils Wülker, Helmut Zerlett, and TV anchor Jan Hofer.

Hosting the event will be Roger Cicero and Gregory Porter who is quoted as saying this before his departure from Korea where he just performed: „Hi Germany, I’ll be coming for the ECHO Jazz Awards to honor and celebrate this wonderful genre on a very special evening. Just imagine, the US had their own Grammys for Jazz. How
cool would that be!“

Live acts at the event will be Stacey Kent, Porter, Marsalis, Doldinger, Michael Wollny & Vincent Peirani, Wülker, and Niels Klein.



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