Everything But The Girl Return

It’s been 24 long years. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt return with a new album after their 1999 “Temperamental” set came out on Virgin Records. “Fuse” will be released on the same label on April 24th. Both worked on solo projects in the last 20 years so it wasn’t as if we were completely lost. Tracey released four solo albums after the band split, “Out Of The Woods” (2007), “Love And Its Opposite” (2010), the holiday record “Tinsel And Lights” (2012), and “Record” (2017). Ben came out with three solo sets: “Hendra” (2014), “Fever Dream” (2016), and “Storm Damage” (2020).

The first single off the new album, “Nothing Left To Lose”, has a similar electro dance/club vibe as popular tracks like “Missing” (1994), “Walking Wounded” (1996), or “Lullaby Of Clubland” (1999). The beats are there, the electronic, almost industrial soul, and Tracey’s signature voice, which has gotten a bit darker with a stronger vibrato, suiting her and the track pretty well.

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