Gina Update

We regularly get some mails from people asking how Gina is doing. Thanks for that folks! Gina is an old dame now. She has some problems with her joints, but she’s having regular physical therapy treatments and massages so it’s not really something to worry about. She’s also getting monthly shots to keep her from possible pain and she needs to take medication for a better blood circulation. And her sense of hearing has deteriorated too. There you go. Other than that, she still likes to chase birds and mice and says hello to the other dogs in the neighborhood and of course we take her on a stroll several times a day, even though those walks are much shorter than a couple of years ago.

Gina Vinyl Sunday
Gina likes to spend her Sundays listening to some vinyls.

Gina still has her weekly lunch breaks at Der Fischladen in Prenzlauer Berg where she is always greeted with a plate of sprats. Happy dog life!

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