José James Returns With “1978”

Gina’s favorite singer José James returns with a fantastic new song, preceding his album “1978”, due out on his own Rainbow Blonde Records on April 5th. With production nods to Quincy Jones and Leon Ware, José has worked with Brazilian rising star Xênia França and Congolose/Belgian rapper Baloji. His band on the album also includes a string quartet, Chad Selph on keys, Marcus Machado on guitar, David Ginyard on bass, Jharis Yokley on drums, Pedrito Martinez on congas, and Talia Billig on vocals and arrangements.

First track to be released from the upcoming album sounds very very promising. On “38th & Chicago”, José comes up with a brilliant Afro-Cuban soul tune with spicy percussion and and his great soul/jazz vocals and also includes a dramatic guitar solo. The title is a reference to the intersection where George Floyd was murdered, just a few blocks from where José grew up and shows his socially-conscious stance of the album. We’ve also heard the uber sexy “Saturday Night (Need You Now)”, a slow burner which opens with magical electric keys. Its repetitive vocals and the lengthy keyboard solo all add up to the fascination. We can’t wait for the new album to drop, with vinyl mastered and pressed at Abbey Road in London. Check out “38th & Chicago” here:

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