It’s A Smokey Day

Happy 80th birthday to the one and only Smokey Robinson. We’re digging deep into our vinyl collection and here are our current Smokey favorites, album by album:

Smokey @80

“Smokey” (1973): “Holly”
“Pure Smokey” (1974): “I Am I Am”
“A Quiet Storm” (1975): “Quiet Storm”
“Smokey’s Family Robinson” (1976): “Castles Made Of Sand”
“Deep In My Soul” (1977): “It’s Been A Long Time (Since I Been In Love)”
“Love Breeze” (1978): “Daylight & Darkness”
“Where There’s Smoke” (1979): “Ever Had A Dream”
“Warm Thougts” (1980): “What’s In Your Life For Me”
“Being With You” (1981): “As You Do”
“Yes It’s You Lady” (1982): “Tell Me Tomorrow”
“Touch The Sky” (1982): “Gone Again”
“Essar” (1984): “And I Don’t Love You”
“Smoke Signals” (1986): “Because Of You (It’s The Best It’s Ever Been)”
“One Heartbeat” (1987): “What’s Too Much”
“Love, Smokey” (1990): “Jasmin”
“Double Good Everything” (1991): “I Love Your Face”
“Intimate” (1999): “Sleepin’ In”
“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” (2009): “Time Flies”
We’re not really into his Great American Standards album “Timeless Love” (2006), his Gospel album “Food For The Spirit” (2004) and “Smokey & Friends” (2014).

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