Jazzkeller 69 Promises a Hot August

Jazzkeller 69Jazzkeller 69 e.V. is celebrating its 44th anniversary this year here in Berlin – Treptow. The annual open-air festival Jazz an der Lohmühle continues until next weekend. It is in my old neighborhood which has become one of the hot spots in Berlin (after I moved of course!). This upcoming weekend rounds up this mostly Avantgarde and Free Festival but I wanted to share the August concerts in the area as well:

August 1st: A quartet which moves back and forth between Berlin and Paris is Die Hochstapler consisting of Pierre Borel on alto sax, Louis Laurain on trumpet, Antonio Borghini on bass, and Hannes Lingens on drums. The music is inspired by Free pioneers Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman. Stop Thinking is a Berlin-based quartet playing a mixture of Modern Jazz, Experimental, and Electro and has Wanja Slavin on saxes, Otis Sandsjö on saxes, Markus Pesonen on guitar, and Marc Lohr on drums. The third band on this evening is Ruf der Heimat: “Luten” Petrowsky on reeds, Thomas Borgmann on reeds, Christoph Winckel on bass, and Willi Kellers on drums guarantee finest Free Jazz.

August 9th: The great pianist Maria Baptist recorded her latest solo album “Self-Portrait” last year in New York. Modern solo piano jazz at its finest.

August 14th: Jazz Dogs is a spin-off of the JayJayBeCe Big Band and focuses on Funk and Bebop. Niko Zeidler on tenor sax, Kenneth Berkel on piano, Arne Imig on bass, and Joshua Reinfeld on drums is a band with a high fun factor.

August 23rd: A Scandinavian piano trio that is inspired by Walter Benjamin. Havard Wiik on piano, Ole Morten Vagan on bass, Hakon Mjaset Johansen on drums with a very intense project.

August 28th: A very interesting quartet playing an eclectic mix of New Music and Contemporary Modern Jazz with Hermann Keller on piano, Ekkehard Jost on bari sax, Kubi Kubach on bass, and Zam Johnson on drums and percussion.

The nice thing about this is that all concerts except the one on August 1st will be at NoVilla, a relatively unknown location in a beautiful neighborhood in Niederschöneweide.

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