Martin Tingvall – Distance

Martin Tingvall "Distance"Swedish pianist Martin Tingvall traveled to Iceland to collect ideas and get inspiration for his new album “Distance”. He wanted to find a distance from the speedy everyday life and “a little break, some distance, calm and time for new perspectives”.

And so his 12 compositions are, again, a reminder of the great Chick Corea‘s children’s songs and also of some of the improvisational solo pieces of Keith Jarrett. Needless to say that this is not merely a copy of the two solo piano masters, but Martin adds his own magical, mysterious, poetic touch to this soliloquy.

Pieces like “Open Land”, “Quiet Days”, or “Last Summer” all speak for themselves in the titles alone and really give you an idea of the peaceful, sometimes melancholic, sometimes bucolic pictures he’s creating with his two hands. He changes the colors on his canvas for the 3-minute “A Blues” which is a welcome change of pace here, but doesn’t totally destroy the overall atmosphere of the work. The album never comes even close to that very near border of kitsch which has happened so often in recent years with solo piano endeavors. He is able to stay authentic, with a clear mind, dreaming and drifting and always finding back home. Here is another wonderful piece of work for the upcoming autumn and winter months and the long nights.

Martin’s album debuted at No. 2 on the German Jazz charts and he is going on a solo tour in October, November, and December:

10/17 Innsbruck, Treibhaus

10/18 Rottenmann, Kulturviech

10/19 Munich, Black Box

10/21 Berlin, KD 211:musique

10/23 Karlsruhe, Tempel

10/25 Keitum, Teekontor

10/27 Koblenz, Cafe Hahn

10/28 Cologne, Altes Pfandhaus

10/29 Jena, Volksbad

11/27 Bremen, KITO

11/28 Coesfeld, Burg Vischering

11/29 Oldenburg, Theater Laboratorium

12/03 Hannover, Schloss Landestrost

12/04 Kassel, Universität

12/05 Helmbrechts, Textilmuseum

12/08 Flensburg, Emmi Leisner Saal

12/09 Kiel, Kulturforum

12/10 Kreuztal, Stadthalle

12/11 Göppingen, Odeon


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