New German artist on Blue Note

It doesn’t happen very often that a German jazz musician is offered a deal with the prestigious Blue Note label, even if that famous name was started by two Germans 75 years ago.
But when the new label head Don Was heard Julia Kadel, he was excited and called her a fantastic musician.
Now, with „Im Vertrauen“, Julia Kadel and her Trio have released their Blue Note debut and even though they do not reinvent the piano trio per se, they have surely found their own voice which somewhat seems remarkable since they’ve only played together for a short time.
The music on the album is a great example of why today’s Jazz is most enjoyable when it includes other genres such as classical music, folk and pop as well. Together with the German-Norwegian bassist Karl-Erik Enkelmann and drummer Steffen Roth, 27 year old Kadel, who was born in Kreuzberg, display an intense mixture of free-form play, deep and dark moddy tracks and a constant flow of imagination which is simply a joy to listen to. Kadel and her Trio have already won the HfM Jazzpreis 2013, awarded by the Hochschule für Musik Saar.
Germany’s own Till Brönner is praised as being the first to realize the trio’s potential as one of the most promising newcomers not only in German Jazz, but Jazz in general. And certainly, the Blue Note connection won’t hurt.
The Julia Kadel Trio is on tour and will play in Berlin’s A-Trane on September 9th. Also, Munich, Dresden and Hamburg are on the tour schedule as well.

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