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Robert Glasper Experiment – ArtScience

So this time around, after so many different projects with guest singers and what have you,

Miles Davis & Robert Glasper – Everything’s Beautiful

Hot on the heels of the soundtrack to the Don Cheadle Miles Davis biopic where Robert

More Miles Davis

At last month’s Berlin Film Festival, the new Don Cheadle movie “Miles Ahead” where he plays

Robert Glasper In Town

Hot on the heels of his new “Covered” album, which was recorded at the famous Capitol

Jeff Bradshaw & Friends – Home

Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw, who has worked with Patti LaBelle, Kindred The Family Soul, or Jill Scott,

January Jazz in Tucson

There is a new Jazz Festival coming up next month in Tucson. Festival Director Yvonne Ervin

Otis Brown III

I think we have to thank Donald Byrd, the trumpet master, for encouraging the young Otis