William Bell Returns

Legendary singer, songwriter, and producer William Bell, who released his first record as an 18-year old in 1957 with the Del-Rios and recorded his first album under his own name for the equally legendary Stax label in 1967, returns with a new album in April called “One Day Closer To Home”. The 83-year old Bell’s last record was “This Is Where I Live” on the revitalized Stax Records in 2016, a collection of greatly produced Southern Soul tracks, now also available on vinyl. I still cherish his brilliant “Headline News” from his 1985 LP “Passion”, released on his own Wilbe Recording Corporation.

The new album was originally scheduled for February, but was pushed back to April due to some promotion and PR reasons. “Let’s Make Loving Great Again”, a nod to the political campaign slogan of a former US president who turned out to be a complete moron, is one of those deep and relaxing soul ballads which Mr. Bell has perfected in his long career. It starts with a short monologue about his beliefs and includes wise phrases like “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die” or “in life there are no rehearsals, there are no second takes”. Backed by superb backing vocals, it is a wonderful showcase for William’s still amazing vocals. What a treat to have him exclaim “yes we can” as well during the song, referring to that other campaign by another former president who happens to have a great taste in music. I also really dig the elongated stretch towards the end of the tune.

Check out “Let’s Make Loving Great Again” and the accompanying video.

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