Young Gun Silver Fox in Berlin

It’s the perfect match. The soulful vocals of Andy Platts who also plays keys, and the guitar and vocals of Shawn Lee. They’re in perfect harmony and thus, the sound of Young Gun Silver Fox always seems to be incredibly relaxing and magical. On record and on stage as they proved last night at Berlin’s Quasimodo. The four-piece band included tracks from all four albums, starting with “West End Coast” (2015), then “AM Waves” (2018), “Canyons” (2020), and the latest, “Ticket To Shangri-La“, released last October. The West Coast pop folk meets 70s soul meets the Doobie Brothers melange comes across as nonchalant as possible. The chemistry is amazing. “Simple Imagination” comes to mind. “Sierra Nights” was just beautiful.

Young Gun Silver Fox

During the show last night, I’ve heard some Fleetwood Mac and some Steely Dan too. It’s pretty rare these days to come up with perfect pop songs with catchy hooks and wonderful harmony vocals. Andy easily switches to a vibrant falsetto on many occasions. Their version of “Mojo Rising” is pop bliss, sending you somewhere when they sing “I Wanna Be So High, So Free/Where I Can Feel My Mojo Rising/Coming Back To Me Again”. The exuberant mood throughout their most recent release is easily reproduced. Case in point: “Still Got It Going On”. I didn’t really miss the brass on “Kingston Boogie”. “Stick another quarter in the jukebox and let’s sway to the skank of a Kingston Boogie” works pretty well without. “Lolita” was there as well. The first song Andy and Shawn wrote together. A wonderful soul/boogie piece. Funny and witty. A great add to the mix. As was “Tip Of The Flame” with its irresistible groove, with Andy’s vocals soaring and flying high. “Rolling Back” another heavy crowd pleaser. And deservedly so. We left the club into the night with a smile on our faces. With the “Loadstar” guiding us.

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9/10 Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort

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