A Luther Vandross Musical

Luther Vandross "Power Of Love"Earlier this month, the Luther Vandross Estate, Hidden Beach Experiences, and Marcus Miller have announced plans for a semi-biographical musical which will star a who is who of artists.

The Power of Love Experience – A Tribute to the Life of Luther Vandross is the exact title of the musical narrative which will tour through 15 cities in the US as early as the first quarter of next year. Marcus Miller was Luther’s musical director, co-writer and co-producer for most of his albums which have sold 40 million units worldwide.

As for the Luther Vandross Experience, further plans include a mobile museum which will show a lot of memorabilia and archival material. Also, the Vandross Award for vocal excellence will be given to new talents and performing artists.

In the announcement, Marcus Miller is quoted like this: “I am blessed to have worked with many truly gifted artists but my time with Luther was perhaps my most fulfilling professionally and personally”. “When I co-wrote and produced “Power of Love/Love Power” with Luther, neither of us knew the impact it would have nor that it would earn us both GRAMMY Awards. But Luther’s power (musical prowess) couldn’t be denied. I am truly honored to partner with Hidden Beach and the Luther Vandross Estate to celebrate my friend’s musical legacy through The Power of Love Experience.”

Let’s hope that the musical will also find its way to Europe next year.

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