Alex Puddu Announces “Deliria”

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Alex Puddu, hailing from Rome and based in Copenhagen, has announced the release of his next album. The man who brought us the brilliant “Love After Dark” album in 2021 and three volumes of “The Golden Age of Danish Pornography”, will be back with a superb set of Italian nu disco and soul tunes on “Deliria”, out on Al Dente Records on September 16th. Alex, who has also collaborated with legends such as Joe Bataan, Gene Robinson, and Lonnie Jordan, already released three singles off the album, the first in the Italian language.

Alex Puddu "Deliria"

Combining Italian soul and funk from the late 70s and early 80s with nu disco and and indie pop from the current scene, Alex has once again managed to create a unique, fearlessly fascinating sound. “Pullover Grigio”, which was featured in Gina’s weekly Spotify playlist in early April, is a wonderful example of the overall sound of the album full of soul, jazzy keys and searing vocals. The funky bassline on “Texas Blonde” and the 80s keys combined with Italian vocals are sublime. And the latest single “Champagne e Giocchi di Coppia” easily brings back memories of endless summers in 1982 and 1983 with the music of Change, Kashif, SOS Band, One Way, etc. “Deliria” will be out on vinyl too.

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