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Gina hunting a squirrel

Recently, while walking with a friend in the beautiful park of the Schloss Charlottenburg, Gina spotted

Jazzfest Berlin turns 50 and has important things to celebrate

Bert Noglik, the artistic director for the Berlin Jazzfest, now in his third year, loves irritations,

Jazz Calendars for 2015

Did you make your plans for 2015 yet? If not, maybe these two calendars will help

Hamburg getting ready for Überjazz

For the fifth year, Hamburg will have its Überjazz Festival in late October this year. The

Diana Krall postpones her Wallflower

The release of the new Diana Krall album, “Wallflower”, has been postponed worldwide  to February 2015.

Michael Franks at 70

It is hard to believe that Michael Franks is already 70. The singer and songwriter with

Jackie Cain: Icon with angelic voice

I remember Roy Kral picking me up in Montclair, New Jersey with his old, golden Mercedes

Jazzfest Berlin celebrates 50th anniversary

One of the most prestigious and popular festivals in Germany, the Jazzfest Berlin, is celebrating its

Joe Sample dies at 75

So many classic recordings feature his signature keyboard and piano playing. His robust Fender Rhodes has

Philadelphia hosts first Queer Jazz Festival

New jazz festivals have been founded aplenty over the years, but Philadelphia now has a unique