Chance Hayden Teams Up with Ronnie Foster

Chance Hayden, the Portland based guitarist, producer, and composer, is back with a new single on May 6th called “Shag Bag”. Chance has played with dozens of artists in recent years, among them Jarrod Lawson, Lindsey Webster, and Farnell Newton.

Chance Hayden "Shag Bag"

This new track is a classic groove piece sounding like an early to mid 70s CTI or Blue Note recording and I think it is a natural follow-up to his great 2020 release “Grab & Go”, which somehow got overlooked. At least from our side. But it is still worth checking out. The single features legendary Blue Note artist Ronnie Foster, who plays piano and Hammond organ here and whose own “Two-Headed Freap” LP from 1972 will be rereleased on vinyl on May 20th.

We also get to hear the maestro on percussion, Mister Lenny Castro, who has played with literally everyone from Stevie Wonder to the Rolling Stones. He gives the tune this lively, edgy atmosphere and really enhances the track. Chance’s funky and pretty groovy playing is accompanied by some hot brass courtesy of John Nastos on sax, Charlie Porter on trumpet, and Jeff Uusitallo on trombone. It all adds up to a wicked sound with Mister Foster playing some mean piano and organ and thus, making this the perfect combination of soul, jazz, funk, and blues.

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