Eddie Chacon & John Carroll Kirby in Berlin

Singer Eddie Chacon and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby made a stop in Berlin last night. They are currently on a European tour and played Kreuzberg’s Gretchen for a good hour or so. John started the proceedings with a track from his five-paw reviewed LP “Septet” before Eddie took the stage to perform “Wicked World” from their collaborative album “Pleasure, Joy And Happiness“. In fact, almost all of the tracks from the equally brilliant record (which also received five paws from Gina) were part of the show, with John playing around over, beneath, and beyond pre-recorded parts.

Eddie Chacon & John Carroll Kirby in Berlin
Eddie Chacon and John Carroll Kirby performing at Gretchen on Tuesday night.

Both are in the studio recording for an upcoming project, due in early 2023. We were treated to “Holy Hell”, one of the new tracks. It was an overall pretty sophisticated, sometimes mystical, sometimes celestial happening. An intimate evening spreading hope with the very last song of the set and the crowd happily singing along to the title track of the album. If you’re around, don’t miss the two remaining dates of the tour: November 17th at Gannet in Basel and November 19th in Amsterdam as part of the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival.

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