Talking Book at 50: Essential Reading

I bet you remember the first time you listened to “Talking Book” (1972), one of Stevie Wonder‘s pivotal albums of that decade. It is fascinating to come back to the album, listening to the ten tracks again and actually finding something new, something you didn’t hear the first time around. The New York Times just celebrated the anniversary of the album with a brilliant presentation, asking 27 different artists how they were touched by those particular tracks on the album, and by Stevie himself. You get fascinating insights from Robert Margouleff, one of the producers and engineers of the album and its groundbreaking synthesizer work, from Deniece Williams who sang backgrounds on the album, or from David Sanborn, also part of the musicians making this album one of the most important records in the history of music.

Stevie Wonder "Talking Book"

Check out the presentation right here.

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