Gina Is Back For Fall & Winter Season

Apologies from our end here for not posting regularly over the past few months. We’ve successfully ended our open-air concert season with a packed terrace witnessing the great singer Siri Svegler on September 15th, celebrating the release of her new album “Awake”. It was the sixth and final concert of the 2019 season and we will continue for another round in 2020, beginning on the third Sunday in April. Thank you to everyone involved in the series, especially to the always welcoming audience over here in Berlin-Pankow.

Gina Summer 2019

I have listened to a lot of new music of course. Not a day goes by without checking out what’s new and what’s to come and if you visit my place, you can always listen to some exciting music over our speakers. I will have the time again now to write about it and to check out who’s in town. The event calendar will be up again soon.

There will be my promised report on this year’s North Sea Jazz Festival which is about ready to be posted here and I have a lot of great music to review in the next week or two so hopefully, you’ll stick around here and check out what’s on Gina’s plate. She has enjoyed the summer being outside every day, chasing mice, refreshing herself in the neighbor’s pool, simply being everybody’s darling and chilling the summer months through. Amazing how the time has flown by. See you around!

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