Gina Has Moved Back In

Gina and RoccoAs this year’s outdoor and garden season comes to a close, we’ve moved back in to our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg which, I have to admit, also does have its charme (yes, a real kitchen, bathrooms, big TV, even central heating!). Gina though was a bit reluctant at first since she really enjoys being outside all day. This upcoming weekend not only marks the daylight-saving time, but also the shut-down of the central water system in our allotment.

This picture here was taken late last month during the celebrations of my big birthday when I travelled to my hometown to celebrate in our beautiful castle. Gina had to wait while I was taking care of business inside and Rocco, my sister’s pet, is telling Gina that I would be back in a minute. Let me take this opportunity here as well and thank you for all your birthday wishes and for attending the big party – we really had a blast.



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