Kathy Kosins – From A 2 B

It seems like Detroit-based singer Kathy Kosins is all over the place since the release of her still brillliant album “Uncovered Soul”. Whether it’s the A list of Jazz FM London or the constant ranking on several Billboard charts, this lady can’t be stopped. Much applauded for her duet with Frank McComb on last year’s “I Gotta Pinch Myself”, she now returns with a new arrangement of one of the tracks from “Uncovered Soul”.

Kathy Kosins "From A To B"

Vocalist, bassist, songwriter, producer, and singer Paul Randolph, who has worked with Kathy in the past on “Could You Be Me”, has come up with a new arrangement of “From A 2 B”, with Kathy putting a jazzier and cooler touch to her vocal prowess. The mellow track now has a thicker, instantly appealing touch and grooves like mad. The piece also boasts with excellent, new keyboard work and thus, turning it into a perfect fusion of contemporary jazz and indie soul. “From A 2 B” is now available on your regular streaming platforms. Make sure to check this one out.

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