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Another week has gone by and Gina has come up again with her 60-minute playlist of new music which has moved us in one way or another. Added this week are a few tracks by artists who will perform at the upcoming North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam: Rotterdam-based producer Glimlip and Amsterdam-based guitarist Yasper are playing with a full seven-piece band including flutist and saxophonist Louk Cox. London-based singer Olivia Dean, who just released a new single called “Time”, will replace singer Laufey on Friday (absolutely not resonating with me anyway). Singer Emily King, also out with a new single, the Live Acoustic version of “Anyway I Love You”, will play with guitarist Randy Runyon. Meshell Ndegeocello is Artist in Residence this year. Her next album, “No More Water: The Gospel of James Baldwin”, will be released on Blue Note on August 2nd. We feature a third single from that particular album, simply called “Love”. I’m very much looking forward to seeing singer Elmiene. The British artist from a Sudanese family is certainly one to watch out for in the future.

MonoNeon "Jelly Roll"

Also featured in the latest playlist: legendary Chris Jasper, for a long time part of The Isley Brothers, has come up with a new song called “Be Number One”, coming straight out of the Isley songbook. Manchester-born singer Joseph Solomon, who has worked with John Legend and Amy Keys in the past, is back with a wonderful new track called “Shine On Me”. Totally crazy MonoNeon, the last bassist Prince hired before he passed away, is on tour in Europe in November. Don’t miss him. His latest single, the funky “Jelly Roll”, just came out a couple of weeks ago. Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi will release his next ECM LP “A New Day” on July 12th. On the album, saxophonist James Brandon Lewis will make his ECM debut. House music underground darling Demarkus Lewis is back on Viva Recordings with a very pleasing “Starlite”. We also wanted to remind you to check out the brilliant debut album “Sugar Honey Iced Tea!” (on double vinyl) by musclecars which came out on May 17th. Dutch artist Toine just released his summery debut “Cruisin'”. Expect a club tour through Germany and the Netherlands in the fall. Thanks to my Sao Paulo-based contact David, I also came across Brazilian composer and musician JR.Bass. His new single “Baião Em Zabelê” is highly entertaining. We also love saxophonist Mike Casey and his “Calle Pizarro” from his forthcoming ninth album “Valencia”, due September 23rd. The playlist opens with the incredibly talented and fascinating James Berkeley. We first heard him on the fantastic edbl LP from 2022. He also co-wrote several tracks on the last Incognito albums. His “A Hundred Times” is just brilliant. Love his voice.

So enjoy and like Gina’s new playlist!

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