Michael Franks at 70

It is hard to believe that Michael Franks is already 70.

The singer and songwriter with the unusual and high voice has been making music since 1973. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform last October at B.B. King’s in New York and his charming and witty attitude and his formidable musicianship were truly amazing.

From his „The Art of Tea“ album of the mid 70s right down to the last one, „Time Together“ from 2011, he made a great selection of songs for the NY audience who, at several times, sang all the lyrics from start to finish.

And those lyrics have never been that easy, since he studied contemporary literature at UCLA and was known as the „Thinking Man’s Rock“.

Michael is back again at B.B. King’s in October (see events) and with him, as usual and since more than twenty years, the wonderful singer Veronica Nunn who has recorded a full album of Franks tracks a couple of years ago and put her own, warm stamp on about a dozen of his songs. She is set to release a new album with all original material soon.

Also playing with him is pianist Charles Blenzig, bassist Sean Conly, saxophonist Karel Ruzicka, and drummer Willard Dyson.


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