Michael Franks – The Music In My Head

Michael Franks "The Music In My Head"One of the reasons why I haven’t posted that much during the past months is the simple fact that this summer has been going incredibly well for my outdoor business, including my first terrace concert in late August. Starting in the next season, we are going to feature a live concert each month between April and September. Nevertheless, I’ve been listening to new music every day and wanted to share a few reviews of albums which simply saved me through that neverending heatwave, in addition to write about new releases and more. Always someone to rely on when it comes to relaxing and soothing sounds, Michael Franks released “The Music In My Head” this year. His signature sound and voice intact, 10 exceptionally crafted tunes, and a stellar lineup.

Featured on the album are Chuck Loeb, Eric Marienthal, Jimmy Haslip, Bob Mintzer, Romero Lubambo, Billy Kilson, Rachel Z and many more. The sound is simply timeless, one-of-a-kind, and everything you expect from Michael, including his immensely witty lyrics, like on “The Idea Of A Tree” or “Bebop Headshop”. Produced by Chuck Loeb, Scott Petito, Gil Goldstein, Charles Blenzig, and Jimmy Haslip, the album oozes class and musicianship of the highest order. His longtime backing singer Veronica Nunn is also on board. I really dig the stripped-down, slow pieces like “Bluebird Blue” which makes way for my favorite cut here, the intoxicating, uplifting, joyous, and immensely infectious “To Spend The Day With You”, a theme which has surfaced from time to time in Michael’s growing oeuvre (“Let’s call in sick like others do/say we don’t want to catch the flu”). Rachel Z plays beautifully on this one.

There are more Michael Franks-isms here to cherish, like the jazzy “Bebop Headshop” or the melancholy of “Where You Hid The Truth” and “Waterfall”. The title track is another one of those pieces which sticks in your head for a long, long time. Michael’s voice sometimes is almost eerily beautiful and soothing, like on “Candleglow”. Michael plays New York’s Sony Hall on November 16th and 17th and he will also play Annapolis (October 5th) and Alexandria (October 6th).



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