We Insist! – A Berlin Jazz Evening Supporting Refugees

Julia KadelWhen Jazz Institute Berlin director Peter Weniger and journalist Wolf Kampmann spreaded word that they want to organize a concert for the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin e.V., which supports a vast number of refugees coming to the city, the reaction of the Berlin musicians was overwhelming.

And so, the concert which is called “We Insist! Solidarität mit Flüchtlingen”, is going to happen on December 3rd at the Jazz-Institut Berlin, Georg-Neumann-Saal starting at 7pm; doors open at 6pm. Among the many performers that night: Till Brönner, Céline Rudolph & David Friedman, Christian Lillinger Quartet, Clara Haberkamp, Julia Kadel & Otto Hirte, Julia Hülsmann Trio, Christopher Dell, Silke Eberhardt, Efrat Aloni Trio, Rolf Zielke Duo, Uli Kempendorff 4tett, Gebhard Ullmann, and many more.

There will be two sets that night and a grand finale with musicians coming together from this concert and the KIM Festival which is running simultaneously at Neukölln’s Prachtwerk with musicians as diverse as John Hollenbeck, Petter Eldh and Oliver Steidle.

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