Edy Forey – Culture Today

Based in Edinburgh, the duo Edy Forey debuted with “Culture Today” earlier this month. Their very sultry version of “Nature Boy” was included in Gina’s weekly playlist on 02/02. Vocalist Edy Szewy, born in Poland, and keyboardist Guilhem Forey, born in France, met while Edy was fronting her own neo-soul band. And they clicked, as can be heard on their debut “Culture Today” with the title track tackling social media issues and how they influence us as human beings. All set up behind what is called “urban jazz”. I’m not sure if that term can describe this music sufficiently. Let’s say it’s an eclectic mixture of neo and indie-soul, jazz, pop, and r&b. Bob Power (Erykah Badu, D’Angelo) is at the helm as engineer and in fact, this particular tune comes right out of the Badu bag. Says Power: “I have seldom met a duo with more power and drive”.

Edy Forey "Culture Today"

Also on the album: bassist Michael League and saxophonist Bob Reynolds of Snarky Puppy, Sharay Reed of The Funk Apostles, Femi Koleoso of Ezra Collective, plus Leonn Meade of the London Community Gospel Choir, among many others. There is a very esoteric album opener (“Intro”) and very cool Rhodes on “The Fire” where the two gel exceptionally well. The duo gets into a slightly housier groove on “The System” with a sax solo by Alex Hahn and spoken word entries from Edy. They sound a bit Moonchild-ish on “Eerie Feary” with very warm and cozy keys and really nonchalant vocals, but achieving a more intricate result with tempo and mood changes during the piece. Really like the line “Am I an alien/Or do I just care far too much”.

The very D’Angelo-esque “Take Your Time” features Japanese flutist Miho Wada and “Agape” really sounds like a Chick Corea/Return To Forever tune of today. There is also a very dreamy, 12-minute love paean with simple and beautiful lyrics: “And what I know/Wherever I go/Is that I love your soul”. The song meanders peacefully and airily and has a George Duke-like piano solo as well. And I really dig the groove of the second part of “Peace Of Mind”, funky and with a driving beat thanks to bassist Michael League and drummer Isac Jamba. No word yet if the album will come out on vinyl.


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