Gina’s Weekly Meetings

Gina regularly visits one of Berlin’s most prominent fish and seafood restaurants, Der Fischladen, in the centre of Prenzlauer Berg. She is usually greeted with a sprat or two and even has her own reservation tag. She was also recently pictured in an article about our open-air business in Pankow. Talk about a celebrity dog here.

Gina Fischladen

Celebrity songstress Anita Baker turns 64 today. She finally owns all the masters to her extensive catalogue after what seemed to be a never-ending hassle with her record company, lawyers, and what have you. So you are finally able to stream her music too (except for her 2004 Blue Note album), but I heavily urge you to play her music on vinyl if possible.

Gina Fischladen

We’re getting a lot of new music at the moment, so the first quarter really looks promising. We will keep you posted on new material from Curtis Stigers, a great duo recording from Orrin Evans and Kevin Eubanks, new Vincent Peirani, Robert Glasper, Moonchild, and so many more. Speaking of Moonchild, their European shows in March had to be postponed to September. Stay safe out there!

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