Jackie Moore R.I.P.

1970 was the year when Jackie Moore had her biggest hit, the gold disc-awarded “Precious, Precious”. Her first album, a collection of singles called “Sweet Charlie Babe”, was released in 1973. And she only released four albums in total. Unforgettable remains her disco hit from 1979, “This Time Baby”, originally recorded by The O’Jays. The two albums she released for Columbia Records in 1979 and 1980, “I’m On My Way” and “With Your Love”, were produced by Bobby Eli in finest Philly soul fashion. Jackie’s voice was both strong and subtle and gentle at the same time. She could sound like Gloria Gaynor on “Joe” and like a lavish disco queen on the immortal “Can You Tell Me Why”, including some of those typically dirty sounding Southern twists à la Gladys Knight.

Jackie Moore "With Your Love"

I’m still in love with “Let’s Go Somewhere And Make Love”, the Three Degrees meets First Choice anthem which is simply timeless. A walk through the park with “I’m On My Way” on your headphones is a guarantee for keeping you happy for the rest of the day and beyond. The similarities to Gladys on this particular track are pretty obvious. Her ballad singing sends chills. “With Your Love” is just beautiful.

Jackie Moore died last Friday. Much too soon. She was 73.

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