JazzKorea Festival 2016

JazzKorea Festival 2016In its fourth year now, the JazzKorea Festival edition 2016 will bring four Korean jazz bands to Europe, with the opening concerts scheduled in Berlin on November, 17th.

Asian Scholars is a young group of Korean musicians under the leadership of Yechan Kim who is using traditional, Korean instruments like the piri (woodwind) in his band and weaves them together with jazz, pop, and folk elements. The electric band Ofus mixes jazz with electronica, disco, funk, and prog-rock and comes up with a highly individual sound under bandleader and bassist Hong Kyungsup.

The EungMin Cho Quartet is headed by guitarist Cho EungMin and has won the 2015 Korean Music Awards. With the latest album “Oriental Fairy Tale”, the band is debuting in Europe. And pianist Lee Han-Earl studied jazz in Weimar. His debut album with the German title “Unwissend” includes bassist Kim Hoo and drummer Suh Soo Jin.

The opening concert will be at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei on November 17th with additional concert nights at Berlin’s Korean Cultural Centre November 18th to 20th, before the bands hit the road to Budapest (20th), Madrid (22nd and 23rd), Stockholm (22nd), Rome (24th and 25th), Brussels (25th), Astana (25th and 26th), Hamburg (26th), and Frankfurt (27th).

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