Justin Lee Schultz

A new star in the making? He is only 13 years old and sounds like a seasoned pro on his forthcoming debut “Gruv Kid” (Shanachie), coming out on November 13th. His keyboard skills remind me of some of the groovier, funkier cuts that Bob James recorded in the 70s and 80s, mixed in with some Jeff Lorber and even George Duke comes to mind. So it is no wonder that Bob James is actually helping out on Justin’s first album, as are Harvey Mason, Jonathan Butler, Najee, Gerald Albright, Jeff Lorber, and many more.

Justin Lee Shultz

Listen to the first single “Just In” and let us know what you think. There is also an infectiously groovy cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do”, originally recorded in 1982, where Justin can be heard through a talkbox and where he is accompanied by his sister Jamie Leigh (16). An incredibly funky affair.

Justin is from Johannesburg and is now based in Durham, North Carolina. His father is also a musician and they were caught on TV on “America’s Most Musical Family”. He’s not only playing piano and keyboards, but also bass and bass guitar. “Music brings me joy because I can express myself when I play. I can also get creative when I’m improvising.” And what does Robert Glasper say about the kid?: “Justin is an older man in a little boys body!! It’s so great to see somebody so young have such a vast love of ALL kinds of music!!”

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