News Update

Arthur Blythe "Exhale"The great Arthur Blythe has passed. The alto saxophonist was 76. Arthur was founder of the Underground Musicians Association and over the years has recorded dozens of great albums, often with unusual instrumentation. He was also known for group counterpoint and his expressive and swinging way of playing, both in the bop and the avant-garde music. Check out his Savant releases “Focus” (2002) and “Exhale” (2003) which includes Gust William Tsilis on concert grand marimba on the former and Bob Stewart on tuba on the latter.

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah will release “Ruler Rebel” at the end of the week. It is the first part of the trilogy “The Centennial Trilogy” and has him further explore West African and New Orleanian Afro-Native American styles.

The first annual Philadelphia Jazz Festival is coming up April 23-30. Headliners include Terri Lyne Carrington, Madison McFerrin, Jaguar Wright, Bob Dorough, Jeff Bradshaw, Orrin Evans, and Gerald Veasley.

We are currently listening to new projects from, among many others, Eliane Elias (“Dance Of Time”), Erin Dickins (“Vignettes”), Cathy Segal-Garcia (“In2uition”), Joey DeFrancesco (“Project Freedom”), Heads Of State (“Four In One”), Billy Childs (“Rebirth”), Lukas Oravec (“Ali”), and a 3-CD collection by Dome Records celebrating 25 years in business. Also, we still owe you our next five-paw review which will be published on Thursday. Enjoy the weather!


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