Roland Kirk Documentary Streaming

Rahsaan Roland Kirk "The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color"Legendary saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, who was certainly more than a blind musician who could play three horns at once, is the topic of a documentary called “The Case Of The Three Sided Dream”. The streaming of the movie and the download on vimeo on demand will be available on May 1st, with iTunes coming later on May 31st, and a proper, old-school DVD coming in the fall.

The documentary was directed by Adam Kahan and includes archival footage, intimate interviews, and animated sequences. It premiered at the 2014 South by Southwest film festival and was awarded Best Documentary at the 2015 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles as well as at the Soundtrack Cologne Festival the same year.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1935-1977) released his brilliant “The Inflated Tear” album on Atlantic in 1967. I bought the album in late August of 1985 and still remember how amazingly incredulous my reaction was when I listened to the sounds on that particular album which belongs to my favorite LPs in my collection. It was only later when I found out that Kirk was not only a magician on his instruments, but also a visionary in day-to-day life. He fought for people with disabilities, fought against racial injustice and fought for wider appreciation of Jazz in America.

There is more info on the movie and Kirk right here:

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