Tom Misch is Supershy

He wears a lot of hats: producer, songwriter, musician, curator. Now, Tom Misch comes up with a new project. Supershy is supposed to feature more dance-oriented stuff. Stuff for the dancefloor. That’s what this crazy pandemic has now become known for too: artists come up with ideas and pieces which would probably not have seen the light of day under “normal” circumstances.

Tom Misch "Happy Music"

Tom recorded two new pieces. “Happy Music” is something of a hybrid between Chic-era disco style and modern house sounds. “Something On My Mind” is a more tribal-oriented cut with hints of electronica and Italo disco. The official video of “Happy Music” was shot in Berlin and also features some disco dancing footage from the late 70s.

He is on tour in South America in May before he returns to Europe in June for several stops, among them the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and the Melt Festival in Gräfenhainichen, Saxony.

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