Alyson Williams and Meli’sa Morgan: High Fashion is Back

For those of us growing up on soul music in the early 80s, there were some songs that turned out to become instant out of this world classics, forever staying in your head, topping lots of all-time favorite song lists. One of those songs definitely is “Feelin’ Lucky Lately” by High Fashion from 1982. The group was produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi who also produced the group Change and The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band. The lead singers of High Fashion were Alyson Williams and Meli’sa Morgan. Alyson, daughter of jazz trumpeter Bobby Booker, had been singing background vocals on various albums and Meli’sa had been singing with Kleeer and Shades Of Love. The third singer in the group was Eric McClinton who had worked with the Mike Theodore Orchestra as vocalist. High Fashion only released two albums, with the second in 1983 without Meli’sa because she started her solo career. She was replaced by Marcella Allen. The group’s songs still resonate to this day with timeless pieces like “Have You Heard The News”, “You’re The Winner”, “Hold On”, “Love”, or “Next To You”.

Now, both Alyson and Meli’sa will share the stage for a High Fashion reunion of sorts with two shows in Lyon, France. Eric McClinton will be replaced by Cliff Dawson, who released a brilliant first album in 1982. The Be Funk Orchestra from Lyon will serve as the guest band for this 2024 edition of La Grande Nuit de la Funk on April 26th and 27th. Info and reservations are only available through this email address:

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