Artist To Watch Out For in 2018: Kathy Kosins

Kathy Kosins 2018I have good news from Detroit-based singer Kathy Kosins today. Her new album “Uncovered Soul”, a brilliant mixture of soul, jazz, and some hints at r&b, with a strong focus on actual songs, will finally be released on February 9th. Even though I have lived with the finished product for some time now, it still sounds amazingly fresh and has a lot of depth, sensitivity, and style. The album was produced by Kamau Kenyatta and I only wish that more artists of this genre would have taken this route instead of choosing the plastic, thin, and silly direction.

Good news number two is the fact that Kathy will be in the UK in April to promote the album. Make sure to check her out at The Pheasantry in London on April 17th (I’ll be there!) and also see the link below.

Here is all you need to know about the April 17th gig in London:

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