Happy Thanksgiving

Gina and her red Ball

Gina wishes everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. She won’t be able to help in the kitchen today since we’re part of the annual Christmas market celebrations which will take place this upcoming weekend at our beer garden site. We would like to take this opportunity and give thanks to all our regular and new customers who have visited us over the year in the beautiful section of Niederschönhausen in Pankow. Special thanks to all the bands who have performed the six concerts we staged between April and September – we’re currently preparing the new season.

Gotham "Void Where Inhibited"

We’re currently listening to this year’s new holiday releases and we’re digging some old-school LPs and found a lot of great stuff, like a 1979 LP by the group Gotham which started out as a gay cabaret act in 1973 and later was the first openly gay group to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington in 1976 and Carnegie Hall in New York in 1978. They only released two albums, “Void Where Inhibited”, their second, is a prime example of the good old disco/soul stuff of the late seventies including brilliant horn and background vocal arrangements on stellar cuts such as “Bedroom Eyes” or “Is It Big Enough For Ya (My Love, My Love)”. Vocals were provided by Phyllis Hyman, Diva Gray, Lani Groves, Vivian Cherry, and Ullanda McCullough and the album features classy musicians like Jon Faddis, Eddie Daniels, or Jeff Mironov. David McDaniel and Gary Herb and Michael Pace are no longer with us. This album is really worth checking out.

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